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Azure Managed

The Tagydes Azure Managed Service is designed to help organisations maximise the business outcomes of moving their IT infrastructure to Microsoft Azure.
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Cloud Backup

Delivered on Microsoft Azure, Tagydes Cloud Backup Cloud Backup service consists of two core solutions, relevant depending on the type of environment and workload to be protected - in the cloud or on-premises.
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Remote Desktop Service

Tagydes Remote Desktop Service is an implementation of Microsoft Remote Desktop Services running in Microsoft Azure. The solution can be built to provide service for just a handful of users, up to several hundred users, and can be deployed to any Azure region* in the world.
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Database Modernisation

Tagydes Database Modernisation services enable businesses to modernise their on-premise database platform by transitioning to Microsoft Azure.
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Our aim is to help you build your own skills and expertise, but we recognise that it can take time to build capability and workload can create capacity challenges. And we want to ensure that nothing holds you back from being able to market yourself as a provider for really complex tasks, larger projects than you’re perhaps currently able to go after, and for greater return. So, while you’re building your skills and expertise - or if you decide that there are certain areas you’d rather leave to us - we’re here to do all the hard part.


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