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Microsoft Cloud service Provider Explained Tagydes Automation Platform

Meet Microsoft Could Service Provider (CSP). Tagydes can help you with Automation Platform, billing and Invoicing your customers.

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A cloud service provider is a third-party company offering a cloud-based platform, infrastructure, application, or storage services. Much like a homeowner would pay for a utility such as electricity or gas, companies typically have to pay only for the amount of cloud services they use, as business demands require.

Besides the pay-per-use model, cloud service providers also give companies a wide range of benefits. Businesses can take advantage of scalability and flexibility by not being limited to physical constraints of on-premises servers, the reliability of multiple data centers with multiple redundancies, customization by configuring servers to your preferences, and responsive load balancing that can easily respond to changing demands. Though businesses should also evaluate security considerations of storing information in the cloud to ensure industry-recommended access and compliance management configurations and practices are enacted and met.

Microsoft CSP

A better way to Automation

Tagydes supports now Microsoft's New Commerce Experience, ensuring that Microsoft CSP Partners and end customers have the greatest possible shopping experience. This is in line with our aim to provide self-service, revenue realization, reporting, invoicing, and payment collecting options to partners and clients. Tagydes is dedicated to creating a technological environment that provides best-in-class features to assist our partners and clients flourish.

Tagydes assists Microsoft CSPs in meeting Microsoft program requirements by streamlining the price management, billing, and provisioning of Office 356, Azure, and other services, allowing them to provide superior customer support.

The platform's main features are a self-service portal and a customer-only. The subscription management handles payment and renewals, while our Price List makes it simple for CSPs to populate their services catalog.

Our CSP clients are from various corners of the globe, and they've seen significant growth since integrating Tagydes.

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Key Features

Automation Platform

We have all integration with Microsoft Partner Center. We are Microsoft New Commerce Experience (NCE) Ready.

No setup Costs

You'll be ready to start selling to your customers.

Enjoy profitability

Let your customers be the one to manage their subscriptions.

Cloud Based

We share the risks with you, so that you focus on your business.

Self Service Portal

Customers can manage their subscriptions.

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