How to Create a Reseller

You can create a reseller by going to the sidebar, Resellers
Select the button Create
Fill all the fields with the necessary information for company and user

{info} Be aware that the field MPNID must contain a valid MPNID or you won't be able to place a order for a customer of that reseller.


You can impersonate a Reseller or a Customer.

How to Impersonate?

  • Go to Side bar, go to Customers or Resellers
  • At the end of the table select the ... and a menu will pop out.
  • Select Impersonate

How to stop Impersonate?

  • At the top of the screen you will find the information "Currenctly impersonating" click this button and you'll be out of the impersonation.

{warning} You can only impersonate one at a time, you cannot impersonate a reseller, and while impersonating impersonate a customer.

Placing an Order

You can purchase on behalf of the customer/reseller, for that you'll need to impersonate as the Reseller

  • Once you are impersonating, go to Side bar, and select Marketplace and then Store
  • A list of products will appear select the product(s).
  • Go to the Top Left and select the cart, Select the Billing Cycle and the Amount of Licenses.
  • Select the customer for whom you are purchasing the product(s).
  • Click Checkout
  • If the customer is new, you need to choose the Tenant this needs to be unique click Validate.
  • In the next screen check if the information is correct to accept the Microsoft Agreement click Review.
  • Here you can send the Order for the Customer to be approved, or place the order now.

{info} If the customer is new, you need to create one, go to Customers Side bar and create one.