The platform uses Instances to connect with the ISV's, it's works with multi instance, you can connect two or more Microsoft instances.

Configuring instances

  • Click on General Settings
  • Choose Integrations
  • Click Button Add Instance
  • Fill the necessary information
  • The Tenant ID you my find in your Partner Center
  • Choose your Type, if it's Direct Reseller or Indirect Provider.
  • Finall step is to establish the connection with your Partner Center, Click button *Regresh Token.

{info} You need to enter your Admin Credentials that has access to the Partner Center.

Once accepted we will be able to start sell through your Partner Center.

Setting your logo

First you need to click on top left side of the screeen in your Email address.

  • Click on General Settings
  • Choose Account
  • Add your logo!


Setup your Teams notifications

You can recieve notifications on your MS Teams, for that we need first your webhook use this guide - Link. Once you have the Webhook you may configure on our side.

  • Click on General Settings
  • Choose Notifications
  • Select Microsoft Teams
    • will appear the input where you'll need to add the URL retrieved from the previous Guide.

What notifications will I recieve?

  • orders placed
  • Subcriptions changes